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Everything you want to know about Inverters!

A solid power backup solution has become an increasingly popular demand amongst desired home buyers nowadays. The arrival of inverters in Indian markets during the late ’70s has been a boon for many. Still, the inverter holds its position as a favorite mainly because of its affordability.

Solar Inverters: The Smart Choice for your Home’s Power Backup!

Have you ever thought of powering your home with the ultimate powerhouse of the universe, that is the Sun itself?! This is exactly how a Solar Power System works! In the modern era where people are more conscious about effectively utilizing the renewable resources of nature, a solar inverter is definitely the best investment you can make for your home

Solar Water Heaters: A Solution for Future Power Shortages & Price Hikes

Appliances that can provide a continuous supply of hot water for domestic purposes are commonly known as water heaters. Water heating solutions are now an inevitable part of every modern home. With the invention of modern technologies and amenities, homes are more energy-efficient nowadays, still, water heaters are one of the major energy consuming devices.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Stainless steel water tanks can survive without contaminating water even in extreme weather conditions. Greater ease of fabrication Nowadays state of the art technologies is available in Industry so that seamless welding and joining of stainless steel is not a herculean task anymore. The same attributes to its aesthetic value as well. Strength to Mass benefits As steel alloys is included in higher specific strength materials where the higher material costs are worth considering its weight savings, strength, and durability.

How to reduce your electricity bill with a solar power system?

Sun is the biggest source of energy available around us. Using solar energy for powering up life is the best way to clean energy. By this, we are putting our bit towards saving mother earth.

How energy efficient is solar water heater than an electric water heater?

Of late, the solar water heater is gaining publicity with people understanding the benefits of installing a solar water heater at home. A solar water heater uses solar energy for heating water and does not use electricity at any point for the subject purpose.